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2019 Categories – Sport-Wales


Community awards

The community categories are now closed. 

#InspireUs by nominating YOUR community winners: midday Monday 2 nd September – midnight Sunday 22 nd September 2019

* Please note – Inspiring Person, The Great Sport Story and Getting Wales Active are for community nominations *

Inspiring Person of the Year

Do you know a person (of any age) who can be described as ‘inspiring’?

It could be someone who:
• takes part in sport or physical activity against all the odds
• has achieved something brilliant in sport in the face of adversity
• or a person (coach/volunteer/carer/teacher/parent) who goes above and beyond to help encourage others to achieve great things
• a person in grassroots sport who is making a massive difference in their community

The nominee must be a person (of any age) from Wales or who lives permanently in Wales.

Getting Wales Active Award

Do you know of something or someone that has enabled sport in Wales to thrive and for more
people to participate in – and enjoy – physical activity?

This could be an individual, group of people, club, school, organisation, event, programme or project.

Examples of what we’re looking for:
• Evidence of getting new participant engaged in physical activity and making a big difference to its users/customers
• Reaching out to diverse communities / under-represented groups
• Encouraging others to promote physical activity
• Demonstrates impact on the culture or wider economy of Wales
• New or innovative ideas to break down barriers to participation
• Not necessarily traditional ‘sport’
• Created an enjoyable and welcoming sporting experience – regardless of ability or background.

Achievements during the period 1 st Sept 2018 and 31 st August 2019 will count towards the nomination.

The Great Sport Story of the Year

Do you know of a sporting event, project or moment worthy of hitting the headlines?

We want to recognise a moment that has put sport on the map in Welsh communities over the past year.

This could be:
• a moment or event that has evoked emotion and demonstrated the power of sport
• an example of sport working with others to make a greater impact across cultures
• something that demonstrates diversity or innovation and has impacted on a community or communities for the better

Achievements during the period 1 st Sept 2018 and 31 st August 2019 will count towards the nomination.

The elite categories will be decided by a panel of experts.

Get Inspired Unsung Hero

BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero 2019 is searching for the most dynamic, forward thinking and driven volunteers from across the UK, who are inspiring people of all ages to get up and get active.

Nominate the person who always puts others first by entering them for 2019.

Winner of BBC Wales’ Unsung Hero award will receive the award at the Wales Sport Awards ceremony on Tuesday, 10 December at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

The winner will then represent Wales in the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero joining other winners from Scotland, Northern Ireland and English regions. The overall UK winner will receive their award at this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony live on BBC One.

To nominate your BBC Wales Unsung Hero by video, audio, online webform or via email, simply visit www.bbc.co.uk/unsunghero or www.walessportawards.co.uk. Entries close on Sunday 20 October at midnight and the shortlist will be revealed in the days leading up to national BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony in December.

Carwyn James Young Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year

To recognise a young Welsh sports personality based on their achievements to date, with priority given to the calendar year of the awards.
The award is open to Under 18 performance athletes for achievements during the period from 1 September 2018 – August 31st 2019.
Sport Wales will nominate the winners of this category to the Wales Sport Awards panel.

Coach of the Year

This award looks for evidence of an athlete-centred approach leading to successful performance within sport at the highest level.
What we’re looking for:
• Evidence of athlete-centred development leading to successful performance.
• Evidence of national or international achievements by the athletes being coached.
• Examples of innovative practice (such as use of technology).
• Impact on Wales and Welsh sport.
Open to coaches coaching athletes at high performance level in their sport (national and international).
Nominees can be Welsh, Welsh nationals coaching in a country outside Wales or a coach to Welsh sportspeople.
Sport Wales and BBC Cymru Wales will nominate coaches for this category to be decided by an official Wales Sport Awards panel.

BBC Cymru Wales Sport Personality of the Year

The award, voted by the public from a list of candidates selected by the BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year panel, is given to the person whom, it is felt, has achieved most in Welsh sport over the past year.

Coaching Chain Award

Ever wondered how our top Welsh sporting talent got to where they are? Behind every sport star is a
team of people and experiences that have helped shape them.

This award recognises the contribution that coaches have made to assist a Welsh athlete from the start of their sporting journey to the very top of their sport.

It looks at the impact they have created along the way both on the athlete and on the wider sport or sports.

*This award is to be decided by a panel of experts

The Coaching Chain will be awarded to an athlete who has achieved a significant sporting achievement between 1st Sept 2018 and 31st August 2019, and is from Wales or who lives permanently in Wales.

We’re in the business of winning medals, but HOW is just as important. Winners of the Coaching Chain award could demonstrate:
• creating environments and partnerships that help the athlete thrive
• a holistic approach to athlete development (considering the person-first)
• a collaborative, long-term approach
• a ‘journey’ or ‘chain’ that identifies the goals of the athlete and provides bespoke environments

Team of the Year

For the team in an individual sport or sporting discipline that has achieved the most notable performance in the past 12 months. The team should represent Wales or be based in Wales.
Sport Wales and BBC Cymru Wales will nominate teams for this category to be decided by an official Wales Sport Awards panel.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This category will be awarded at the judging panel’s discretion and is reserved for those individuals that have dedicated a lifetime to sport in Wales.

Before you go ahead and nominate  – please be aware that we (Sport Wales Communications team) will be contacting each and every nominee following the nomination window closing to inform them that they have been nominated and to give them a right to withdraw from the process.

You can find out more about how Sport Wales uses personal information in our Privacy Notice: http://privacy.sport.wales/


• Click the nomination form here
• For a PDF version of the form, email nominations@walessportawards.co.uk
• *NEW for 2019* – to nominate via video clip, film your nomination (no more than 2 minutes) and send to Sport Wales Facebook page via
messenger. Please include both yours and the nominees name, email address and telephone number

Guidance Notes

Success in the Awards depends on both the quality of the achievement demonstrated and the quality of the nomination itself, so #InspireUs

The nomination process is straightforward but to do justice to the person you’re nominating, please follow this advice:

  • Check the judging criteria to ensure you’re making a nomination in the right category (there are three categories this year)
  • Follow the golden rule and tell the STORY about the achievements and impact, providing further detail to back this up.
  • Follow the category guidance for what we’re looking for.
  • The judging panel can only take into account information on the nomination form so please include as much information and examples as possible in the form (but no attachments). #InspireUs