Michael Sheen’s proud moment wins award

One of the proudest moments of Michael Sheen’s life …

Here’s why the Homeless World Cup (Cardiff) is winner of the Great Sport Story of the Year 2019.

It starts with street football charities around the world encouraging people furthest away from mainstream support to play football for their country.

It’s football but it’s more than sport.

It often provides the first step on the path away from homelessness and back to social inclusion.

The Homeless World Cup is an annual tournament that provides these charities with a focus.

It helps give players who really engage with football a chance for something bigger.

They wear their nation’s shirt, sing their national anthem, represent their country.

When the Cup came to Cardiff this Summer, it welcomed over 500 players from nearly 50 nations for a 7-day festival of football. 23,000 visitors visited the event at Bute Park.

It leaves behind a legacy.

Tim Deacon, who was part of the organising team, said: “I can’t think of a better example of something that demonstrates the power of sport: to provide an opportunity that changes the course of someone’s life; to change people’s perceptions and to be the driving force for change. We’re absolutely delighted that all those who were involved have been recognised and rewarded in this way.”