The Outdoor Partnership – Organisation of the Year finalist.

Sport and the outdoors go hand in hand.

One organisation in North West Wales is taking full advantage of what our great outdoors has to offer.

“We use the outdoors and natural resources to improve people’s lives and inspire them into participation” explains Chief Executive Officer, Tracey Evans.

As well as the success of their core programmes, the Outdoor Partnership has gone above and beyond to drive forward inclusivity in the outdoor sector.

“We have a number of programmes working with specific target groups” explains Tracey.

Since it was set up over ten years ago, the charity has been responsible for establishing around 80 activity clubs and groups, boasting a membership of 7000+.

Tracey adds: “Ten years ago, there was no volunteer culture in the outdoor sector but today we have a large volunteer workforce – a huge achievement.”

This year, over 400 volunteers took part in a mentoring scheme and for the first time in the organisation’s history – more women than men took part.

Working with under-represented groups is an important part of what the Partnership does and they’ve inspired hundreds in the past year.

Bethan Davies, Inclusion Development Officer explains: “Over the past 18 months, we’ve been striving to become a more inclusive organisation and supporting this development across other clubs and partners in Anglesey, Gwynedd and Conwy.”

Nearly 700 people with impairments have taken part in sport taster sessions and the charity were the first organisation in Wales to be awarded the Disability Sport Wales insport 3rd Sector Ribbon standard, back in May.

Meanwhile, their This Girl’s Adventure programme has inspired over 260 women and girls to try activities, ranging from sub aqua to surfing. Many of these felt empowered to go on to take their coaching qualifications, opening up many opportunities in the outdoor activity sector.

Fiona Reid, CEO of Disability Sport Wales adds: “They’ve worked hard in establishing a strong foundation to create inclusive cultural changes and offer quality opportunities for everyone.”